The Guild of British Asians seeks to celebrate annually the unparalleled economic and cultural contribution made by Asians to this country. Whether born here or in the Indian sub-continent British Asians have enriched every aspect of life in the United Kingdom by enterprise, culture and cuisine. Supported by community leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals and academics, the Guild seeks to promote the unique role British Asians have made for themselves in building our modern, plural, democratic society. The Guild will attempt to "build bridges" and to "mend fences" in what has become a sensitive time for this country and, indeed the whole world after recent global events.

The traditional values of both family and faith continue to underpin the identity of Asians across the broad spectrum of ethnic communities. British Asians represent in microcosm the two pillars of religious tolerance and cultural diversity rarely found elsewhere on this planet. It has been a unique and successful experiment born out of recognised British values of tolerance, fair play and hard work. These values are no better exemplified than in the day-to-day lives of Asian families. The Guild of British Asians stands for a multi-racial, tolerant, productive and creative Great Britian. In the Lace of economical hardship, prejudice and indigenous suspicion, Asians first survived and the thrived to help make Great Britain a leading member of the international community. The Guild has organised an annual prize giving event to honour members of the Asian community who have contributed significantly in the following fields:

  • Industry and Enterprise
  • Community Affairs
  • Film and Media
  • Finance and Commerce
  • Literature
  • Law
  • Music and The Arts
  • Politics
  • Science and Technology
  • Medicine
  • Sports

The inaugural 2002 Awards Ceremony was held in London on 25th May at the Grosvenor House. Park Lane, London. The Guild will honour individuals and organisations at this highly prestigious are y. Lord King of Was Bromwich Chairman Guild of British Asians

The world has needs to keep us all busy. There are hungry mouths to be feed, deserts to be cultivated , questions to be answered. If we all work together, there may be talents and energy enough to make a future.

This country has benefited greatly from the entrepreneurs and the academics, the scientists and the artists, the professionals and the craftspeople whose families have come from other countries to live here. From differing backgrounds, our cultures and religions WC flourish when we share what we each have to offer. I take pride in the genes which formed me partly Anglo – Saxon, partly Celtic.

It is good to see Asians looking with pride on their roots and their cultures. The Guild of British Asians expresses that pride, but it is a pride not at site expense of others, but in the contribution which Asians can make to our common well-being. And it recognizes that what the various Asian traditions have in common is infinitely more important than what divides them.

We all have much to learn, and it cm be easy or hard. But if we learn, the world may have a future after all.

Lord Archer of & Sandwell PC QC

Guild of British Asians

The Asian Guild U.K. is a culmination of a think tank takes pride in achievements of Asians abroad. These hard working, genius achievers in their own fields of business, industry, science, research, sport are pioneer for future. The Asian Guild will serve as a beacon to highlight the social uprigo of people who have made their homes in different countries and working for racial harmony and world peace.

Dr. S Venugopal

Senior Vice President